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Welcome to Pctechnicians Canada, providing IT tutorials for professionals and novice users. Guides on setting up workgroup networks, Virtual Private networks, Internet Connection Sharing, NAT, IIS, terminal server and much more. Our Troubleshooting guides will give you step by step instructions on fixing network and internet related problems.

New Guides
Assembling a Dual Processor System. NEW.
Setting up IIS 5.1 on XP pro. NEW.
Setting up hardware components of a network.
Pc Hardware Troubleshooting NEW.
Setting up W3k as a VPN server. NEW.
Programming – database connection scripts. NEW.

Contributed Tips
032-System halts at 0% while using windows update. (Contributed by Chris Wong)
033-Sharing mail in MS outlook. (Contributed by Soheil)
062-Reset a terminal services session remotely. NEW
063-Vendor/Ethernet MAC Address Lookup and Search. NEW

019-VPN clients cannot surf the internet.
017-NAT blocks some sites. (Contributed by Christian Brian Young).

044-WinXP: Windows Messenger won’t start. (Contributed by Marc Paulin).
022-Installing NetBEUI on XP. (Contributed by Fio D’Alessio).