How to Import Contacts from Gmail to Android?

Imagine you are walking down the street when your mobile phone falls into a messy puddle of water. Or maybe it falls out of your hand and breaks. What if you lose your phone somewhere and don’t remember where you kept it last. Or imagine someone stole your phone.

In all of the above situations (sorry if you had a mini heart attack just reading them), your first thought might be how you will ever get back all the data that was on your phone. You must be wondering about all the contacts you have lost. 

On a happier note, just imagine you bought a new phone which is very much cooler than your last one. Even in that situation, you have all your contacts on your old phone that you need in your new one. But you don’t want to do it manually, that is, by typing them all over again. People always need things to be done fast and quick nowadays. 

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So what if I told you that there is an extremely easy way to make sure you never lose your contacts ever again and that you will be able to easily transfer your contacts into your new phone? That’s killing two birds with one stone. I bet you are hooked now, aren’t you? Interested to know what is this method? Wondering what magic it is? Well read on to know this really simple method. 

The first thing you need to do is make sure you sync all your contacts to your Google account. Do save all your contacts to Google Contacts through your Gmail. This will make sure all your contacts stay in an online storage for your retrieval anytime you are in need of it. 

So now imagine you have your new phone in your hand and you need all your old contacts. Sign into Gmail using your username and password. Now there are 2 methods from this point. Share Gmail Contacts content is here.

  1. Go to settings and go on to the “accounts and sync” option. In that, choose Google when prompted to choose an account. Then, insert your email id and your password. Once you have signed in, go to the sync settings and choose to sync your account. This process will take a few minutes. Now, if you go to your contacts you will see that all your contacts are uploaded there. 
  2. The second method works only if you are in possession of your old phone. Go to the Google contacts in your old phone, and chose to backup. Once that is done, export them to a .vcf file which you can share to your new phone through any of the methods available. After that, open that .vcf file in your new phone and export the contacts. 

There you go, folks! Told you it would be easy right. Now you can walk around happily knowing you can retrieve your data at any point of given time, anywhere. You can buy that new phone you have been eyeing for weeks without getting scared at the amount of contacts you will have to save all over again. 

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